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one. move. love me.

Yesterday (Tuesday) in our second "Chickadee Road Chat" the one question that Liz and I noticed circle around and around and around the "Finding Your Kindreds" topic was simple: How do you reach out and let someone know you want to connect? It seems so simple, until you are in that spot and suddenly you are standing in front of someone you would love to connect with and you freeze, or you stumble over your words and suddenly you are depleted. What happens next might be nothing. We give up and maybe hide way because we feel there is no hope or reason to continue trying. And then the isolation and lonelies set in!

Making one small move sounds simple, and I truly believe it is a pretty easy process (in theory), but when those crazy emotions are involved, when fear is knocking on the back door, well, we all know what the end result can be. and so - i say.....

make. one. move. anyway. and here is how:

 1. Most coffee shops or cafes have community bulletin boards! Make a little notice, include your email and let others know you are putting together/or looking for a "creative" community.

2.  Skype! This is my favorite way to keep in touch. Talk to friends who are far away, catch up on skype over morning coffee, set up your studio and paint together! (i have done this with a friend and it works!) Take your laptop outside, sit on your deck, make a cocktail, turn on music and chat with a dear friend. It really feels like they are sitting across from you!

3. Visit your library, ask if there are local meet ups, classes or workshops and if there aren't (this is a BIG one) suggest that you start one! make. one. move.

4. Ask someone you have connected with if they would be interested in collaborating on a project. It could be painting, writing prompts, creating a running playlist or even exchanging recipes. If they don't have time right now, ask them what they do have time for (maybe a Skype chat or even just keeping in touch over email).

5. Send mail. No really, I am talking about getting a pen and paper and writing to others. Even if you are creating little notes for kids who have long stays in the hospital. Send simple encouraging words to our military, a friend who needs a lift or just remembering someone's special day. If you love this idea, but need a little prompt then check out the LOVE NOTES project! Our friend Jennifer is on to something special over there and it is such an easy way to get started!

Liz and I will be encouraging each other to make. one. move. daily too! Join us. and be sure to report back here! Leave a note in the comments and let us know what one move you've made.

Remember: don't get discouraged on the first or second attempt. This practice takes time. Be brave, giggle through each time you reach out and remind yourself that we first stand in our own light

make. one. move.

.    .    .    .    .

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Joining us for the Chickadee Road :: Studio Sessions would be a great step toward finding your kindreds. Spend four weeks working with a creative practice while circling with like-minded souls who will support you every step of the way.

Registration is open!

The sessions begin Aug. 5th!

Come find your kindreds.

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chat with the chickadees: finding your kindreds

Another Chickadee Road Chat! Join us for brunch/lunch on Tuesday, July 30 at 9AM PST/12PM EST for a chat all about finding your kindreds.

We're going to share some stories and answer your questions and probably laugh...a lot.

The last one was so much fun that we plan to do these twice a month (although in August, we'll be chatting with particpants in our online class Studio Sessions, which you can find out more about here).

We know that Tuesday's chat will be in the middle of the work day for some of you, but the good news is that it will be recorded and you can watch it whenever you'd want. 

For those of you who can join us, bring your favorite beverage/snack and your questions. We can't wait to connect!

On Tuesday, just join us right here over on Spreecast (use this same link to watch the recorded chat at a later time).