Welcome to Chickadee Road: a collaboration between kindreds Kelly Barton and Liz Lamoreux.

The simple truth is that we wish we were neighbors, but we actually live 1832 miles apart. But if we were neighbors, we would have a place tucked in the woods nestled right by the sea. And here:

Women would circle.
Artists would paint and play and sketch.
Writers would sit under shady trees and spin stories.
Poets would poem it out on vintage typewriters.
Photographers would go on treasure hunts for beauty.
And each day we would gather and share our stories.
And there would be food + laughter + light surrounding all of us. 

And this magical place, this soul party for kindred spirits, would be called Chickadee Road.

One day we hope to physically manifest this place (and we are blessed to do this a few times a year at retreats). But until the day comes where we live much closer to one another, we are delighted to create this space here. 

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